The Cowart Team Difference


30+ Families Helped Every Month – 400+ Families Helped Each Year – 4.9 Google Rating

Competitive Rates + Top Local Lender + Client Centered Process

We’re passionate about what we do! We help our families through the LARGEST purchase in their life, through a financing process that is complex, constantly changing, involving audited paperwork, and detailed guidelines. Our biggest value to you happens before you enter into contract on a home; with education, advice, and partnering to create a winning offer and mortgage plan.

We help you know your numbers, review all details, avoid surprises, feel comfortable and tailor your mortgage plan to you which means better results and less surprises. 

Selecting a mortgage company based only on rate/price may seem like an easy way to save money or choose a lender. However, rarely do any of us buy even simple products based only on price. A mortgage is complex with many options and details to choose from. There is also so much deception and bait and switch in the lending industry. All lenders use the same basic 5-7 mortgages yet, there are many different models/approaches. Which model/approach to getting a mortgage is right for you?

When families put their trust in local, non-bank, non-call-center, experienced, reputable, mortgage companies, they are better prepared, happier, more confident and get a better mortgage!  You can see that our way of getting a mortgage works best based on our reputation and from happy client reviews.


11The Cowart Difference


Eighty-five-percent of real estate contracts are written after business hours and on weekends, when banks, credit unions and call centers are closed. Our team of eight originators are available when you need us. Our team approach allows us to all pull together for you so you win. We have someone on call every evening and weekend.

Did you know that the majority of families buying a home do NOT close on time most often due to mortgage company delays. Because we control your loan with our own staff and our own branch, we can close in as few as 10-15 business days. Our clients win more offers, have smoother less stressful closings, and close on-time more than our competitors. 

Getting preapproved is easy. All we need is 20 minutes of your time to get you moving on your journey towards home ownership.


Our Values

There are a lot of mortgage company options and approaches. Are we right for you? Start with looking at what matters to each of us; our values. These values are our focus as local professional mortgage lenders.


We aren’t the TV Commercial, instant-approval, online, chat box call center mortgage company. And, we don’t want to be. We don’t believe that model serves homebuyers best. We’re a full-service lender, backed by NFM Lending, which allows us to offer great rates, take the time to work with you your way, quickly and efficiently overcome obstacles or challenges, and get you the best results and mortgage for your home financing. 

Our team model allows us to be high-touch and high-response – we’re here when and how you need us. We’ll help you succeed, show you options, and we pride ourselves in building a process that revolves around you. We combine competitive rates and white-glove service to create the best value for our clients and partners.

The purchase of a home is one of the biggest financial commitments most people will make, and the mortgage process can be equal parts stressful and exciting. There are chapters and chapters of rules and fine print for each mortgage type. We’ll handle the boring but important details and share with you the options and choices that really matter. Only YOU know best what mortgage plan is right for your family.

We’re big believers in educating our clients, helping them learn and think through their options, proactively identifying challenges and answering questions. We listen and take the time to understand your current situation and your goals, and work together to come up with a customized mortgage plan.


We understand timing is everything when you’re purchasing a home. Our entire team is equipped to communicate  – we have a team member on call every evening and on weekends, we are responsive and can text, email, call, or talk with you in-person. 

With The Cowart Team, there are no long hold times, 800-numbers, beginner customer care reps, asking a different “department”, or run-around. Simply put, we are local, experienced, reputable mortgage pros here for you.

We are proud to say something so basic but rare in mortgage lending; we care. We get it, getting a mortgage is a painful, intimidating process. Many mortgage lenders are burned out with compassion fatigue from this front line work. It is easier not to care and just grind out loans behind a computer screen. Who do you trust? Do you just go online? Mortgage is complex; with many rules, layers, and options. On top of that, a mortgage is a mostly unknown process that most families only go through a few times in their life.

That’s why at The Cowart Team, we’re committed to listening closely, doing the hard work early, putting in the time and making sure you’re confident in your mortgage plan so you can focus on the fun part – your future in your new home.


We offer the personal service of a small local business, combined with the power of team, backed by a great company who lets us help you OUR way and YOUR way. Our team of eight mortgage consultants have over 90 years of local Central Virginia real estate/mortgage experience. 

We handle your entire mortgage process; including coordinating with appraisers, insurance, employers, attorneys, agents and other parties SO you don’t have to.

Our partnerships with trusted and reputable vendors, our excellent reputation, our “do it right, do it once” philosophy, combined with our team model means less stress for you and the best results for your home purchase.

11Greg Cowart & Jesse Perrone


Our Philosophy


Have you ever painted a room? The actual painting is the easy part. Getting the supplies, prepping the walls, taping, covering the floor, the PREP is the hard part.

Buying a home is similar. Most of the work we do for our clients happens PRIOR to putting in offers on homes. We do this work through talking, listening, building a mortgage plan and then sharing the plan and options using zoom, phone, or in person 30 minute consultations. From there we answer your questions. The more you know, the more questions you have. Soon, after a couple or rounds of we answer and you ask, you will have all of your questions behind you. You will now have a plan. YOUR plan. You GET IT. You are NOW ready for the home search and you are ready to WIN. You are ready for our tagline… Grow Forward. Confidently! 

In mortgage, we are the “dentists” of homebuying. Our part is not the fun part of the process. Paperwork, rules, details… Yuck. The fun part is the houses. However, as your mortgage advisors, we are a very important part of getting homebuying right. Get your mortgage plan customized for you. Really feel confident in the money part of this process. Then, the house search part of homebuying is so much more fun.

Let’s do this. Let’s get a mortgage the right way! Lets – Grow Forward. Confidently. 


Straight Talk For Homebuyers


Informed, educated and confident homebuyers make better and faster decisions WINNING more contracts on homes they love.


Surprises and stress can be a part of home buying process; we work PROACTIVELY to educate you and avoid problems others miss 


In choosing a bank or big name call center lender, you are paying for the commercials and branding vs. the quality of the mortgage staff.


There is no Mortgage School.  Years of experience in the business and/or number of mortgages closed IS how mortgage originators learn. Don’t allow your mortgage to be someone’s practice in the biz. Hire a super experienced mortgage lender for a better experience.


If working for a bank or credit union or call center served clients and agent partners best, I would work for these companies! Mortgages are done better by reputable experienced local pros in smaller operations working actively with independent mortgage companies.


As a mortgage lender, we are the “dentists” of the homebuying process. Getting a mortgage can be tedious and is not fun. However, the mortgage conversation is a CRITICAL piece of your home search and you will feel so much better when you have a tailored mortgage plan that works for you!